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Betpawa Registration Guide

The iGaming industry, including the Republic of Tanzania, is highly competitive with numerous sports betting sites offering favorable conditions for punters to sign up. If you’re in Tanzania, consider registering with Betpawa Tz bookmaker. Over the years, it has established a strong reputation for providing good odds, a broad selection of betting markets, and top-notch customer service.

Gaming International operates the bookmaker, adhering to the strict gambling laws set by the Gaming Board of Tanzania. It uses advanced security systems like SSL encryption keys to safeguard your data. As previously highlighted, a wide range of sports betting markets is the main attraction for many Tanzanians to Betpawa. They also offer easy, secure, and convenient local banking options. This review provides comprehensive information about Betpawa registration Tanzania, encompassing betting markets, bonuses, customer support services, registration, and more.



Get 1000% Win Bonus
Welcome bonus up to 250%

  • Affordable staking amount
  • Multilingual customer support
  • Availability of live games
  • Round the clock customer support available.

Betpawa Welcome Bonus

At present, Betpawa doesn’t offer a welcome bonus upon signing up. Nonetheless, all our clients continue to benefit from the impressive ongoing offers and promotions that Betpawa provides. One of the longstanding offers is the Betpawa 1000% win bonus. Now, you may ask, how does this work?

  • Open any Betpawa platform and log into your account.
  • Look for the betting events you wish to participate in.
  • Increasing your events by two provides an opportunity for a 3% win bonus. The more events you add, the greater your win bonus becomes. For instance, if you accumulate up to 60 events, you could potentially earn a win bonus of up to 1000%.

This offer does not specify minimum or maximum odds. The bonus is only granted if your bet results in a win; a lost bet does not qualify for this promotion. Jackpot games are excluded from this promotion. For more information about the bookmaker’s bonus, refer to our top recommended betting sites in Africa reviews.

Betpawa TZ

What Are The Terms and Conditions

Before you start using any of the Betpawa platforms, it’s crucial that you delve into the details of the sportsbook’s current terms and conditions. All services offered within Betpawa are subject to these existing rules, and all users must adhere to them. However, ignorance of acceptable practices for using Betpawa does not excuse any misconduct. To avoid any issues, familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions.

The following are crucial terms and conditions that Betpawa clients need to thoroughly understand:

  • The Betpawa brand is protected by copyright, therefore no other party is permitted to modify, reproduce, or redistribute the Betpawa brand.
  • A person under the age of 18 is not eligible for registration.
  • The legal relations and betting contracts between Betpawa and its clients are governed by the laws of the specific country.
  • The Company does not guarantee against any damages, losses, expenses, lost profits, or other disadvantages a client may experience due to disconnection or non-availability of its services. Therefore, the client cannot hold the Company responsible for such instances.
  • Betpawa values the confidentiality of its clients’ data.
  • Betpawa may close your account if any client does not adhere to the established terms and conditions.

Why You Should Register on Betpawa

Betpawa registration has become the most reliable betting platform due to its secure payment gateways, which are well integrated with local mobile money companies in each country. This integration has simplified the process of depositing and withdrawing money from Betpawa accounts. The platform now leads the industry with its generous bonus offer, providing up to 1000% return on a single won slip. The selection of a single sports event has also been made easier, as most clients prefer a less distracting experience when navigating the sportsbook.

You have the opportunity to place bets on live, pre-match, and virtual sports as a Betpawa client. There’s no need to worry about the minimum stake, as Betpawa offers the lowest stake compared to any other bookmakers on a single slip. This policy provides even those with low-income the opportunity to invest for the first time.

If you’re uncertain about which betting strategies to use, Betpawa empowers you to access the most advantageous sports events under the “POPULAR” link. Pay attention to the fire-like icon in the popular games to comprehend from other customers which markets are the most accurate for your betting slips. You can claim every win in your bet within a few seconds with a simple tap of the withdraw button. So, hurry and sign up for a Betpawa account now to place bets on a variety of sports events while enjoying the entertaining games Betpawa offers.

Betpawa TZ Promotions

Just like other reputable betting bookmakers in Tanzania, Betpawa registration employs various kinds and sizes of promotional offers to keep their loyal customers. At the time of writing, Betpawa Tanzania provides the following promotions to its customers:


Betpawa register Tz offers an exclusive feature where you can reap augmented prizes on a variety of events. This feature, known as pawaBoosted, differentiates these events and matches from others by marking them with a lightning icon. One of the main advantages of Betpawa registration is that there’s no minimum stake needed to take advantage of this promotion.


With the Odds Multiplier, you can triple your stakes on any three or more selections. This offer is triggered once you have made a bet slip with a minimum of three selections and total odds of at least 5.00. However, you must meet certain terms and conditions before you can utilize the Odds Multiplier.

In this instance, your total bet slip is 25.34, calculated by multiplying odds of 1.2, 1.1, 2.1, 1.45, 1.82, 1.5, 1.1, and 2.1. By making 8 selections, you will enable a x1.20 odds multiplier, which increases your total to 30.41 instead of 25.34. Keep in mind, the more legs you choose, the larger the odds multiplier becomes.

Bonuses For Tanzanian Players

Bet Pawa Tanzania offers a substantial welcome bonus of up to 250% for all new customers. This lucrative offer, requiring a small bet with the potential for large prizes, draws many bettors. For eligibility, players must place multi bets with a minimum of 3 selections. The payouts can escalate up to 250% when a bet is placed on 30 legs.

Please be aware that the win bonus is added to your winnings, excluding the stake. As an example, if you placed a stake of Tsh 1000 and won Tsh 10000, your 50% win bonus would be Tsh 4500. This is calculated by subtracting your stake from your winnings (resulting in 9000) and then taking 50% of this amount, which equals Tsh 4500. Therefore, in this scenario, your total payout would be Tsh 14500.


The BetPawa jackpot offers the opportunity to win substantial amounts by placing small bets. You are required to predict the outcomes of 17 teams on the ’emPawa17′ jackpot coupon, or choose 13 teams for the ’emPawa13 Midweek Jackpot. There are two methods of placing jackpot bets at Betpawa registration Tanzania. The first is manually selecting your preferred betting options.

The ‘Lucky Dip’ feature, which generates a random coupon every time it’s clicked, is the second method. The company funds Betpawa’s ’emPawa’ feature, which is designed to assist emerging artists in reaching the global market. The matches for emPawa17 are announced every Sunday, while the emPawa13 events are posted on Wednesdays. Betpawa emPawa jackpot predictions remain open until the first match begins. The betting pattern is akin to other standard bets and requires a deposit of Tsh. 100 for jackpot bets. The current emPawa jackpot prize at Betpawa is TZs 200, 000, 000. The operator sets the jackpot’s betting requirements.

How To Register On Betpawa

To enjoy the unique services provided by Betpawa Tanzania, you need to first create an account. There are certain terms to keep in mind, such as the minimum legal age required to bet. It is also prohibited for players to purchase, sell, or transfer their account to someone else. If Betpawa registration tz discovers any incorrect information, they can close the customer’s account. It’s the duty of every new customer to provide accurate information to the operator. A new account will be associated with a SIM card, which is used for all transactions. Once the account is validated, it is advised to keep the Betpawa login details private. The process of Betpawa registration is simple and quick, taking only a few minutes. The following are the steps to open a new account:

  1. Navigate to on your computer or mobile browser.
  2. Click on ‘Join Now’ on the homepage.
  3. Submit your mobile phone number and generate a robust password.
  4. Tick the box to agree to the terms and conditions and then click on the green ‘Join Now’ tab.

How To Place A Bet On Betpawa Tanzania – Deposit Options

Before placing a bet on any sport at BetPawa Tz registration, new customers must first deposit money into their accounts. A great feature of this bookmaker is that players can deposit money using the number they initially registered with.

The following options are available for making deposits through Betpawa:

betpawa registration

Deposit via Tigo Pesa

  • Dial *150*01#
  • Select 4 – Make Payment
  • Select 3 – Input Business Number
  • Enter 122122
  • Enter 60124815
  • Enter deposit amount
  • Enter PIN
  • A confirmation SMS will be sent to you, and your betting account will instantly show the money.

Depositing via Vodacom M-Pesa

  • Dial *150*00#
  • Select 4 – Make a payment via M-Pesa
  • Select 4 – Input business number
  • Enter 122122
  • Enter 60124815
  • Enter deposit amount
  • Enter PIN
  • A confirmation SMS will be sent to you, and your betting account will immediately show the money.

Depositing via Airtel Money

  • Dial *150*60#
  • Select 5 – Process Payments
  • Select 1 – Merchant Payments
  • Select Option 1 – Make a payment using SelcomPay/Masterpass.
  • Enter deposit amount
  • Enter 60124815
  • Enter PIN
  • A confirmation SMS will be sent to you, and your betting account will immediately show the money.

Depositing via Halo Pesa

  • Dial *150*88#
  • Select 5 – Make Payment to Merchant
  • Select 3 – Selcom Pay/Masterpass
  • Enter 60124815
  • Enter deposit amount
  • Enter PIN
  • A confirmation SMS will be sent to you, and your betting account will immediately show the deposited money.

Once money is deposited into your account, you have the freedom to bet on your preferred sport. You can access your account, use the search engine to locate desired events and tournaments for betting. Alternatively, you can select your favorite sport from the dropdown list located in the top left corner. After selecting the game, navigate to the ‘Tournaments’ section to choose your tournament.

The screen will display upcoming events, betting markets, and odds, providing up to 30 options you can select. To place a bet, simply click on your desired market. The bet slip will appear on the right side of the screen, with an option to ‘Clear Slip’. To finalize your bet, click ‘Place Bet’. If a notification appears stating ‘Price has changed’, simply click ‘Place Bet’ once more to proceed.

Customer Service

In evaluating the top betting sites in Tanzania, the ease of customer support is of paramount importance. Bet Pawa’s management comprehends this perfectly, offering a variety of options and alternatives. The customer support team at this betting site is both friendly and well-informed, and they will professionally respond to all your inquiries in either English or Swahili. The bookmaker offers multiple support channels, including:

  • You can reach me at Vodacom on +255 768 141904 or Halotel on +255 622 004681.
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Whatsapp: +255 677 062998
  • Facebook Page

In addition to the aforementioned support channels, Bet Pawa Tz also provides a ‘Help’ page containing extensive responses to commonly asked questions. The subjects addressed span from creating an account and payment options, to making deposits and withdrawals. Alternatively, you can send a letter to P.O Box 1717, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.


In comparison to other top bookmakers in Tanzania, Betpawa registration offers fewer bonuses and promotions. Their offerings are limited to a welcome gift, win bonus, and odds multiplier to enhance your winnings. However, Betpawa registration Tanzania stands out for its extensive variety of football betting markets. It allows you to select from a wide range of tournaments like the English Premier League, UEFA European League, Germany Bundesliga, Italy Serie A, among others. They offer highly competitive odds, with the option for live events featuring higher odds. Betpawa constantly implements new strategies and tools to guarantee a safe and fair betting environment at all times.

Betpawa, a remarkable bookmaker, provides various recommendations on responsible gambling, preventing underage betting, self-exclusion, recognizing gambling addiction signs, and more. Their terms and conditions are designed to be beneficial to all customers.


Yes, some payment systems in this website charge you for concrete deposits. If you make a deposit via Vodacom you will be charged with up to 30 TSh depending on the concrete deposit amount.
In Tanzania the betPawa function Cash out usually appears only for the pre-match bets. You will see an offer to close your bet and get some cash from the operator inside your bet slip. If there is no such an offer, note that in this website you can request a Cash out, again from the bet slip options.
If you don’t enter at least 4 symbols the betPawa will not take your password suggestion.
Yes, you can. At the bottom of the page you can switch from Kiswahili to English.